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South Florida's
#1 Elite Concierge Wellness Group


Elite Concierge Wellness Group


We offer products & services for:

Corporate Wellness

Athletes (Pro & Amateur)

Active Military & Veterans
Exercise & Nutrition

Pregnancy & Pelvic Floor

Function & Mobility

Wellness on the Water™️

Our Mission:

To Teach Disease Prevention Through Wellness-Based Strategies.

Neck and Shoulder Massage



We offer private elective services.

No matter where you are located in South Florida, WE COME TO YOU!

Home, Corporate Office, Corporate Gym, Hotel, Yachts

We service:

Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties

with our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Back Massage


“MedaPeutics came to our company and trained us in our corporate gym. Not only do our employees feel more motivated after a team PT session, but they also work better together!”

“This team helped me gain the range of motion, and strength that I had lost and gave me a home exercise program to maintain all of the physical gains I needed for work. I cannot thank MedaPeutics enough for their care!”

—Harold, American Airlines Worker, Miami, FL

— Jamie, US ARMY, Miami, FL

About Us

Your Health Is Your WELLth!™️

 Primary Healthcare focuses on the PREVENTION of disease.


MedaPeutics is dedicated to teaching our clients invaluable tools to PREVENT injury and disease while enhancing your lifestyle!

Our team can provide ELITE Health & Wellness Services, Exercise Prescription, Nutrition Coaching, and IV Therapy. 

We provide the best ELITE services to address your physical, nutritional, personal, or corporate wellness needs.



Our team can visit you in the comfort of your home, office, corporate gym, adult day care, retirement home, and/or your community wellness center!

Your Health Is Your WELLth!™️


Monday          8am-6pm

Tuesday           1pm-7pm

Wednesday    8am-6pm

Thursday         1pm-7pm

Friday              8am-6pm

Saturday         9am-1pm

Special Appointments Available Upon Inquiry.

Email us:

No Surprises Act

You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency items or services.

Franchising Coming Soon!

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service


Text "Appointment" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

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