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Common Auto Accident Injuries


Herniated Discs

            Neck Pain             

Back Pain




Seat Belt Injuries

We Provide:


Elite Care

Physical Therapy

Flexible Scheduling

Special Appointments

We Accept LOPs

Prompt Medical Records

Orthopedic Care

Neurological Care

Manual Therapy

Pain Relief


Common Work-Related Injuries

Slips, trips, & falls

Overexertion & muscle strains

Struck by workers or equipment

Falling objects

Crashes or collisions

Burns from fire and explosions

Other injuries by persons or animals


Auto & Work Injuries

Text "AUTO" to 305.709.0333 for auto accidents!

Text "WORK" to 305.709.0333 for work injuries!


What is a Letter of Protection?

          A letter of protection (LOP) is a letter sent to a healthcare professional by a personal injury protection (PIP) lawyer representing an injured party in a car accident, work injury, or fall which is typically due to another party's negligence.


         A LOP guarantees payment for medical treatment from a future lawsuit settlement or verdict award.

 How does a LOP affect physical therapy?

Private health insurance claims often deny medical reimbursement from car accidents and look to the driver’s auto insurance for money.

Many hospitals, doctors, and physical therapists do not accept medical insurance as a form of payment for medical services rendered prior to auto cases or worker cases going to court.

Does MedaPeutics Accept Letters of Protection?

Yes! We are the only concierge practice in the state that does.

Why? Because most therapy practices want to be paid for services up front, not wait for court depositions. 

MedaPeutics can be patient with you.

 Most therapeutic practices do not comprehend the red tape and protocols associated with legal cases, but we do.

Why Are LOPs Important in Legal Cases?

If someone suffers an accident or work-related injury (like a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), or limb amputation due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, then the victim needs to be fairly compensated.

Attorneys: Book Consults here


At MedaPeutics, we think it’s the right thing to do; to help these victims’ attorneys build a case by providing a Letter of Protection; without a LOP, victims may suffer physically and financially.


Why Does MedaPeutics Accept LOPs?

 We at MedaPeutics are in the business of healing people. That includes providing our clients with the BEST physical therapy around.


We believe that victims of car accidents and work-related injuries are entitled to the compensation they deserve to pay for care and to manage financial responsibilities if they’re unable to work.


Attorneys: Book Consults here

Fortunately, MedaPeutics understands the billing, documentation, and treatment processes involved with car accidents and work-related injuries, so we are willing and able to accept Letters of Protection from clients who have them.

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