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Exercise & Nutrition
ExerR(x) & NutR(x)

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Training & Diet Regimens


Exercise Periodizations


Whether you need a micro (4 weeks), meso (12 weeks), or macro (24-48 weeks) exercise plan, MedaPeutics professionals have you covered for short-term, long-term, and longer-term planning.

Need strength?

Need balance?

Need to lean out?

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Nutrition Periodizations


Do you have your exercise regimen planned but need a professional to taper your nutritional needs? 

Do you have hormonal



What about sleep disturbances?

Have you completely plateaued in the gym?

We've got you covered!

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ExerRx & NutRx

Combine your exercise & diet needs for a more tapered individualized plan. 

Gain muscle, gain strength, increase balance, lean out or tone while managing your nutrition, sleep cycles, and hormones simultaneously.

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I was able to gain muscle mass and keep the mass on with my macro cycle designed by MedaPeutics professionals. Thank you MedaPeutics. I didn't know how to start or how to chart my cycles correctly. 

~Robb Walters, North Miami, FL

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