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What is Concierge Healthcare?

Concierge Healthcare On Demand is healthcare that does not depend on the

current medical paradigm or insurance companies.

Concierge Healthcare focuses on the individual, not the

insurance parameters, limitations and restrictions, and reimbursements.


Why limit your health to what Big Pharma supports?

Why not seek healthcare that genuinely focuses on disease prevention, health

maintenance strategies, and optimal lifestyle functioning?

That is exactly what MedaPeutics does!

 MedaPeutics offers in home physical therapy,

personal training, exercise prescription (ExerRx), chiropractic,

nutrition prescription (NutRx) & health coaching.

MedaPeutics physical therapy services inlcude therapy for:

cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine pain and function,

prehab, rehab, sports specific therapy, neurological deficits, cardiac conditions,

& strategies for health and wellness.

 MedaPeutics Sport Specialities include:

golf, tennis, track/running, gymnastics, dance, football,

soccer, volleyball & baseball.

MedaPeutics health coaching services inlcude coaching for:

personal training, training periodizations, nutrition periodizations for sport,

sport coaching and health and wellness coaching.

***Our coaches have a combined 40+ years of experience!***

Including experience with collegiate and major league teams,

and even US Olympians!!

 MedaPeutics chiropractic services including:

referral imaging, medical nutrition therapy (MNT), and individualized wellness programs. 

Nutrition Prescription (NutRx) is a division of MedaPeutics that is comprised of a team of

Holistic Nutritionists based in Miami, Florida. NutRx offers concierge nutrition services to

individuals as well as corporations. NutRx clients receive evidence-based

nutrition consultations and plans with a holistic design to enhance

personal health and wellness through food.

Nutritionists at NutRx believe that food should nourish and treat all persons holistically

for any and all health reasons with a disease prevention based practice.

NutRx and MedaPeutics has teamed up with FullScript to offer the best

whole food supplements available on the market.

NutRx and MedaPeutics believe supplements should not have fillers

and should 100% benefit our bodies systemically and wholly. 

A service that sets MedaPeutics apart from the rest is our Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

services which allow us to cater to your nutritional needs using your inndividual blood work.

Disease reversal states are treated with MNT and nutritional changes have shown to

correct man and reverse made disease states.

Man made diseases refers to what man allows to enter his or her body causing bodily harm.

Some exsiting man made disease include Diabetes Type II, some cancers

and some cardiac and arterial diseases, to name a few.

During your first consultation, we will assess which MedaPeutics services or packages may be best for you and set goals based on personal medical needs as well as personal lifestyle goals.

Our mission is to achieve your optimal health and function, organically.

Browse our ON DEMAND Health Care Concierge Services to find just what you’re looking for! Questions? Feel free to email or give us a call!





Physiotherapy involves an initial evaluation of the source of pain or biomechanical dysfunction, or to evaluate treatments that can assist with future planned surgeries. Post evaluatation, our team of professionals can develop a custom, individualized treatment program which includes manual therapy, modalities, and therapeutic exercises to regain muscular timing and function and we can create various at home exercise programs known as a Home Exercise Program (HEP).



Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) allows the break down

adhesions to muslces, tendons, and even ligaments and can allow pain relief and restoration

of normal biomechanical movement patterns. Whether sport specific for the over head athlete,

golfer, baseball or tennis, or whether focus needs to be on the lower extremity, or possibly the spine,

our professionals can treat any anatomical issue you may have.

MedaPeutics prefers to treat persons prior to injuries to prevent any movement abnormalities

so we have weekly, monthly, and annual treatment memberships available. 

***Graston and Cupping available.*** 

Corporate Wellness or Massage

Corporate wellness programs can be taught to your team at your corporate facilities or as a team outside of the office. Our professionals can bring their treatment tables to your corporate offices and set up in a room to treat your workers before work, at lunch, or after hours. Productivity, focus, and well being can all be increased in your corporate office due to relaxation methods while pain, discomfort and poor posture can all be decreased. Let our professionals treat your corprate office today!

***Looking for a gift to treat new or promoted employess??***

***Give the gift of health! Inquire abut our gift cards!***

Sport Rehabilitation

Utilizing a combination of sport specific evidencecd based research protocols, we will progressively aim to train or regain motor and neuromuscular patterns, improve your mind-muslce coordination, increase range of motion (ROM) and increase over all flexibility for the new or seasoned athlete.

***Have a city team that needs care?? Let us know!***

***Team Discounts available!***

Orthotic Therapy

Our feet are the foundation of the body during weight bearing activites requiring work or balance.

 The smallest structural or movement issues in the feet or ankles can alter the way we walk, move and function which can potentially cause many painful problems. Combined with exercises, posture re-education and functional training, orthotics can greatly improve your overall function.

***Let our professionals check your feet and gait patterns today.***


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