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Wellness on the Water

At MedaPeutics, we offer a next-level wellness service to yachts specifically seeking wellness and fitness crew. 


   (click the underlined topics for details)

     * Cupping

     * IASTM 

     * Stretching

* Exercise (HIIT, Yoga, Breathing)

     * Joint Mobilizations

* IV Vitamin Therapy

     * Soft Tissue Work

A wholesome relaxation submersion that explores the healing elements of physical treatments aboard a private, floating oasis.


Hire a Wellness Professional for:   

 2 hours   

 4 hours    

 8 hours

 2-day trips     

 3+ days

*For More than four persons, please call or text 305.709.0333 for pricing and availability.

*3+ day trips, gratuity is included in pricing.

For hourly & day excursions:

You can select from the services we offer and we can cater them to your needs and schedule.

Most people/companies choose soft tissue work on board for single-day trips.

For multiple-day excursions:

Each morning, the onboard wellness professional will lead a breathing and meditation hour. Mid-morning will be dedicated to yoga or stretching sessions; depending on the location, services can be on the beach if your boat is docked.

Afternoon or evening workouts increase in intensity. The bodyweight HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) will get you moving and invigorated!

The instruction will include a combination of strength and cardio intervals.

Inform your wellness professional of your preferences.

On select days, you can choose soft tissue treatments, joint mobilizations, or any other soft tissue services that we provide.


You can suggest a schedule for your trip as well to fit any other excursions that you may have planned like fishing, birthday parties, engagement parties, anniversaries, couples treatments, wedding proposals, honeymoons, etc. 

We are here for you.

*Deposits must be paid 3 days prior to trips over 8 hours. Service times 8 hours or shorter must be paid in FULL prior to departure. Inquire today.

Text "WELLNESS ON THE WATER" to 305.709.0333 for more details!


We service day trips in and around West Palm Beach down to the Florida Keys.

2-day plus trips to the Bahamas, Haiti, and South America. 

Text "WELLNESS ON THE WATER" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

Elevate your lifestyle.

Share your contact information, your date of travel, the number of hours needed for professional wellness services, and the number of persons requiring services. 

We will do the rest while you rest.


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