Geriatric Physical Therapy

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What is Geriatric PT?

Geriatric physical therapy helps maturing adults regain muscle strength, balance, and coordination needed to improve their ability to walk, their overall mobility and level of functioning, and to perform everyday tasks independently.

Working with professionals that understand the joints, muscles, and other soft tissues can help our maturing populations prevent various tissue injuries so they can enjoy their retirement, time with friends and famil, and even enjoy their leisure activities.  

How is Geriatric PT beneficial?

It can help...

- Prevent Falls

- Promote and Maintain Independence

- Decrease Risks for injury and illness

- Help with Aging

-Education for Wellness Strategies

-Provide Mobility Training

-Increase Strength

-Increase flexibility

-Increase Confidence

*Many people forget that our maturing population loses confidence in some movements and functions as they age. We help to safely build their confidence and independence. 

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