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Exfoliation Treatment


Massage can help reduce stress, muscle pain, soreness, tension, and functional limitations.


Massage can improve movement and function, circulation, energy and alertness and also lower heart rate and blood pressure in some persons.

Massage Treatments Available:






Deep Tissue







Massages Start at $150/hr

* Buy 5, Receive 5 Add Ons for FREE

* Buy 8, Get 1 FREE Massage

* Buy 10, Get 2 FREE Massages


Schedule your massages throughout the year at your leisure.

Text " MASSAGE" to 305.709.0333 to schedule today!

Massage Add Ons...

  1. Deep Tissue $35 -Add intensive pressure throughout your entire massage

  2. Aroma Therapy $25

  3. Arnica Balm Treatment $25

  4. Hot + Cold Treatment $30

  5. Hot Facial Treatment $25

  6. Exfoliation Scrub for Feet or Back $25 or $40 for both

  7. Hands or Feet Treatment $25 or $40 for both

  8. Cupping $20

  9. Hair & Scalp Treatment $20

  10. Glute Treatment $25

Text " MASSAGE" to 305.709.0333 to schedule today!

Pouring Massage Oil
Beauty Salon

Craniofacial Massage

Are you experiencing 

headaches, neck and/or back pain, TMJ, eye issues, lacking focus or sinus probelms?

We have specialists that can traget your concerns and help reduce or eliminate those concerns.

Text " MASSAGE" to 305.709.0333 to schedule today!

Pregnancy Massage

Is your body telling you that carrying another human being is a little stressful on your tissues?

Getting a massage during pregnancy has many benefits including hormone regulation, decreased nerve pressure and pain, reduces swelling in the legs and feet (which can be extremely painful fo some), reduced back and joint pain, and even hellp you restore your sleeping patterns.

Text " MASSAGE" to 305.709.0333 to schedule today!

Birth Doula with Couple
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