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​Text "CONSULTING" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

 Want to start a new clinical practice
Or add a new service to your existing practice?

Let us share a little about ourselves to demonstrate why we are qualified to assist you. 

About MedaPeutics


MedaPeutics is South Florida’s largest mobile concierge wellness company.

Founded in 2018, we have serviced luxury condo community associations, corporate fitness centers, private HOAs, and consulted academic institutions, community foundations, and municipalities.


Today, MedaPeutics serves over 12,000 customers and has managed nearly 1 million client visits.

Our team works fiercely to execute our mission to improve life by delivering excellence in health, fitness, and wellness management. We’re a collaborative culture fueled by

our core values. 

MedaPeutics Core Values:

Integrity: We demonstrate the highest ethical standards. 

Excellence: We consistently drive to deliver desired results and positive outcomes. 

Humanity: We are dedicated to respecting and improving the lives of the communities we serve with compassion, consideration, and care. 

Passion: We love what we do and it shows!

Knowledge: We pride ourselves on being highly educated, able to adapt, and capable of increasing learning in the ever-changing health field. 

Humility: We are here to serve our community.

The MedaPeutics Mission:

To Teach Disease Prevention Through Wellness-Based Strategies.

Text "CONSULTING" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

Executive Making a Phone Call
Team Brainstorm

Why Hire Us to Consult You?

Now that you know OUR Mission and Values, we can help you create or expand on yours!


When you work with us, you will receive comprehensive training on how to organize, apply for, and set up your business from A to Z with our proven clinical practice start-up methods.


We understand ALL the procedures because we have done them!




Learn about:


* Credentialing

* Billing

* Human Resources Requirements

*Business Tax

*  PIP

*Corporate Programming

*Corporate Contracting

and more!

Learn how to write your business plan, create required forms and documentation needs, in-house manuals, and insurance versus cash-based advantages. 


At MedaPeutics, we desire to work with people who aren't only looking for a revenue source, but people who are seeking to fulfill their purpose.


We serve results-driven, change-makers who seek opportunity and care about the well-being of others.


MedaPeutics has the value-added resources to “help you succeed.” 

Let Us help YOU make your dreams a REALITY!

Text "CONSULTING" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

Special Clinical Mandates & Requirements

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, MedaPeutics is utilizing every resource to provide the utmost consulting services for clinical needs in the communities we serve. We follow and teach all federal, state, and local guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, patients, and members including COVID-19 vaccination suggestions, use of PPE, face coverings, and social distancing.


Together, we’ll work through these unprecedented circumstances ensuring our employees have the safest environment to provide the highest standards of care to those we serve. 

Text "CONSULTING" to 305.709.0333 for more details!

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